Webinar: Connecting communities, education and nature in schoolyards

Webinar: Connecting communities, education and nature in schoolyards

11:00 (CET) 4th May 2020

Online webinar

The City of Milan, in collaboration with the C40 City Solutions Platform (CSP), is seeking the help of innovators from businesses, academia, civil society and NGOs to co-create solutions which can boost nature, cool schools and improve air quality in the city of Milan. You are warmly invited to join this webinar, scheduled for 11:00 (CET) on the 4th May 2020. We will be joined by a range of academic and city official guest speakers to give different perspectives on how to co-create urban greening solutions for schools and cities. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about the challenges of urban greening in cities, the latest developments in nature-based solutions and ask the guest speakers any questions.


Guest speakers:

  • Piero Pelizzaro – Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Milan
  • Jaume Barnada and Irma Ventayol – Sustainability Office, Barcelona City Council
  • Julie Roussel and Raphaelle Thiollier – Climate Change Adaptation Project at Mairie de Paris
  • Katharina Hölscher – Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT)

Send any questions in advance to: ewhite@c40.org

Want to get more involved? Register your interest in our virtual workshop on the 4th-5th June 2020.


This webinar is part of Milan’s urban forestation challenge with the C40 City Solutions Platform. Find out more about Milan’s challenge or watch the recording of the launch webinar here.

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