The CSP Methodology

About the City Solutions Platform Methodology

The City Solutions Platform (CSP) supports cities seeking to implement solutions to their climate challenge during the pre-procurement phase, through consultation with the market. CSP drives co-creation activity through its non-commercial platform to generate ideas and solutions which often inform city tenders.

The step-by-step process

Step 1: City Challenge Scoping

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The City and C40 will analyse the proposed City challenge to scope and define it for the CSP process. The City project objectives will then be set.

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Step 2: City Solutions Platform Innovation Process

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Webinar Activity: Webinar(s) will be held where the City will present their key climate challenge, contextualise the key challenge aspects, and state the criteria for success in any solution that may be provided. This will be presented to a range of interested solution providers.

Workshop Activity: Workshop(s) will be held in the City. The(se) workshop(s) will be the key face-to-face activity for the CSP Innovation Process and will initiate the co-creation of solutions and support the development of these solutions.

Solution Development and Online Collaboration: Stakeholders will be supported to continue collaborating on the solutions. The CSP will provide a neutral space for co-creation dialogue between solution providers and the City.

Route to implementation: Depending on the proposed solutions, a route to implementation of the City’s chosen solution(s) will be designed.

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Step 3: Knowledge Dissemination

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Proposed solutions will be designed and potentially scaled across the C40 City Network and beyond.

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The CSP was a key influencing factor in forming strategic relationships and partnerships post-workshop

City of Sydney

The CSP gave a kick-start to a new strategy for flood management in the city

City of Melbourne

C40 and the CSP are very good at gathering specialist people interested in technology development

City of Rio de Janerio

The CSP helped us fundamentally rethink how we engage the private sector and establish a framework for collaborative innovation

City of Seattle

C40 and the CSP are very good at gathering specialist people interested in technology development

City of Rio de Janeiro

The CSP has helped catalyse investment to bring new ideas further forward

City of Sydney

The C40 CSP event provided a perfect platform for us to do a pre-launch for our very ambitious and globally relevant challenge

City of Helsinki

The Municipality is thankful for the CSP framework which promoted the city towards the targets of the Climate Action Plan

City of Tel Aviv-Yafo

The participation in the City Solutions Platform Live event proved to be a valuable opportunity to engage with both internal and external stakeholders on how the City of Copenhagens food procurement can support a reduction of emissions related to public meals

City of Copenhagen

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