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City Solutions Platform Partners

Global Partner

Prominent branding of the organisation in the programme. Limitless participation in the CSP programme activity. Participate in CSP Steering Group meetings. Potential collaboration on broader C40 activities.

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Facilitation Partner

Professionally facilitate the CSP workshops and participate in CSP Steering Group & relevant Working Group meetings.

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Regional Partner

Focus funding on a specific region or city to consolidate presence. Actively participate in specific events and activities.

Regional Hub Partner

The leading solution provider convener for CSP challenges in their region. Become a pioneer of CSP best practice and participate in CSP Steering Group meetings.

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Project Partner

For smaller organisations to collaborate on a one-off basis with a specific CSP webinar, workshop and further activities.

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What are the key characteristics of a CSP Partner?

  • Aligned with C40’s mission to reduce carbon emissions and build resilience within cities
  • A strong commitment to climate innovation and co-creation
  • Sufficient resources to drive forward CSP activity and workload
  • Diverse multi-sectoral network
  • Developed regional relationships and experience working regionally
  • Ideally, previous experience working: internationally, with cities and/or across sectors
  • Willingness to disseminate knowledge on lessons learned and approaches taken throughout CSP project activity via your own network and the C40 city network
  • Eligible to access/apply for funding

What is the value to a CSP partner?

  • Potential visibility to a network of 90+ of the world’s leading cities
  • Understanding of city governments’ key priorities
  • Become part of the CSP Global Network of pioneering international and local thought-leaders, policy makers and solution providers in the public, private, academic, NGO and civil society networks
  • Understand priority city climate challenges across the globe
  • Global thought leadership visibility for your organisation as driving the green transition
  • As part of the CSP Steering Group, partners will work closely with C40 and other CSP partners
  • Opportunity to foster innovation through ground-breaking technologies, efficient business models, and innovative governance approaches for urban development
  • Engaging with cities at the climate challenge definition stage creates greater economic opportunity
  • Opportunity to be invited to broader C40 events, such as the C40 World Mayors Summit

Some organisations who have participated in the City Solutions Platform

City Solution Partners

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