Urban Forestation in Schools

Milan CSP Challenge

Key information:

Challenge background

As a dense city with forest cover of 1.46% and 1,324,110 habitants, increasing urban forestation in Milan will be a challenging, yet exciting, opportunity. The climate has undeniably changed in Milan, where the average annual temperature from 1901 to 2017 has seen an increase of 2°C, amplifying the phenomenon of heat waves that now occur so frequently it has moved from a shock to stress. As part of Milan’s Resilience Strategy – the Metropolitan Forestation Program “ForestaMI” – the city plans to introduce approximately 3 million trees in the city and its peripheral areas by 2030.

Currently, the most urgent, relevant and promising challenge for triggering and facilitating the forestation process is creating an education programme for urban forestation and implementing cooling solutions in schools. The challenge will involve designing tools to engage the population and spread out the greening in the city by using schools as a trigger point. The pilot schools will encourage citizen engagement with urban greening and can also be transformed into cooling centers in which to take refuge during heat waves. Milan Municipality is looking to work with innovative parties and individuals that can think outside the box to propose creative, sustainable, feasible and durable solutions that will tackle the challenges faced by Milan (heat waves, air pollution, lack of open green spaces among others) and offer an increased quality of life to its citizens, while also increasing biodiversity. Milan’s key challenge is how to implement the urban forestation program for maximum uptake by 2030. 


The CSP was a key influencing factor in forming strategic relationships and partnerships post-workshop

City of Sydney

The CSP gave a kick-start to a new strategy for flood management in the city

City of Melbourne

C40 and the CSP are very good at gathering specialist people interested in technology development

City of Rio de Janerio

The CSP helped us fundamentally rethink how we engage the private sector and establish a framework for collaborative innovation

City of Seattle

C40 and the CSP are very good at gathering specialist people interested in technology development

City of Rio de Janeiro

The CSP has helped catalyse investment to bring new ideas further forward

City of Sydney

The C40 CSP event provided a perfect platform for us to do a pre-launch for our very ambitious and globally relevant challenge

City of Helsinki

The Municipality is thankful for the CSP framework which promoted the city towards the targets of the Climate Action Plan

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The participation in the City Solutions Platform Live event proved to be a valuable opportunity to engage with both internal and external stakeholders on how the City of Copenhagens food procurement can support a reduction of emissions related to public meals

City of Copenhagen

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