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Sydney CSP Challenge Information

The City of Sydney’s challenge is to achieve 50% renewable electricity for the City by 2030. If this target is to be achieved, a better voluntary model to facilitate renewable demand and investment by residents and business is required. The City is looking to maximise the amount of solar power generation within the City of Sydney and models to invest in large-scale offsite renewables.

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City Solutions Platform Outcomes

The objective of the CSP process in the City of Sydney was to develop valid concepts for how the city is able to catalyse more voluntary transfer to renewable energy. The City have since taken forward three ideas discussed at the CSP workshop as a range of market-ready programs and incentives.

The main outcome from the CSP workshop was the commercial partnership struck between the City of Sydney and the local electricity distributor Ausgrid. Both the City of Sydney and Ausgrid have co-invested in a community programme to incentivise uptake of solar energy in some parts of the city. The City of Sydney invested AUD 750,000 towards the AUD 2.25 million program, which is expected to reduce emissions by about 10,000 tonnes per year. The innovative program will also address other demand management initiatives that could avoid costly grid upgrades.

A range of other outcomes came from the multi-avenue approach of the CSP process. The methodology that the City used throughout the CSP involved Sydney reaching out to experts to develop and evaluate the strength of proposed climate solutions. Concepts were tested with networks and subject matter experts for their feedback and input. Another outcome is that the City has funded an internal resource working on how to make the process of community support more streamlined, in response to the C40 Deadline 2020 report.

Finally, the “Zero Carbon Future Club: model solution” is about giving communities the energy that they require along with other incentives. This solution was largely developed as a result of the human centred design ideas created in the CSP workshop.

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The CSP was a key influencing factor in forming strategic relationships and partnerships post-workshop

City of Sydney

The CSP gave a kick-start to a new strategy for flood management in the city

City of Melbourne

C40 and the CSP are very good at gathering specialist people interested in technology development

City of Rio de Janerio

The CSP helped us fundamentally rethink how we engage the private sector and establish a framework for collaborative innovation

City of Seattle

C40 and the CSP are very good at gathering specialist people interested in technology development

City of Rio de Janeiro

The CSP has helped catalyse investment to bring new ideas further forward

City of Sydney

The C40 CSP event provided a perfect platform for us to do a pre-launch for our very ambitious and globally relevant challenge

City of Helsinki

The Municipality is thankful for the CSP framework which promoted the city towards the targets of the Climate Action Plan

City of Tel Aviv-Yafo

The participation in the City Solutions Platform Live event proved to be a valuable opportunity to engage with both internal and external stakeholders on how the City of Copenhagens food procurement can support a reduction of emissions related to public meals

City of Copenhagen

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